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One of the most popular types of area rugs are Braided Rugs. Braided rugs are an American original. Traced to colonial New England times, early American women would take rags and wool fibers and braid them together like hair. The rugs would add color and cushion to dirt and hard wood floors.

Braided Rugs popularity grows

Just before the Great Depression, braided rugs saw a resurgence in popularity. Women would buy bags of colorful rags and braid colorful rugs for the family home. These rugs are durable, soft, and reversible. Different size braided rugs were made for a living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and even hallways. These rugs are enjoying a resurgence whether pre-made or custom braided rugs.

Many websites offer Braided rugs on sale. You will not have to look very hard to find either a sale price and free shipping on braided area rugs. Links on this page will lead to websites that offer these types of deals. When you visit the websites, review the details of shipping, and more important, the return policies. You can locate a dealer near you, but you may get a better price from an online dealer. Just be sure you can return the rug for a full refund. Note the number of days you have to return the rug, who pays for shipping back to the dealer, and any restocking fees.

With Braided Rugs you can choose from standard rug designs or have a custom design made through specific dealers. Braided rugs are very popular and can be found on Ebay and through most rug dealers. My suggestion for rug shopping is to view many of the Braided area rug dealers online and develop a good feel for prices, rug construction and delivery options. Braided rugs are extremely durable and easy to clean.

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Tips for picking a Braided Area Rug

  • Decide if you want wool, cotton, nylon, polypropylene, chenille, polyester, and acrylic fibers
  • Colors - most interior designers recommend picking the rug first and pull the colors for the room from the rug. If you are trying to add the rug after the colors have been chosen you need to be sure of return policies or go with a custom made area rug.
  • Size & Shape - Scale is everything in all design. Dining room rugs should be 2 feet larger on each side of the dining room table measurements to keep the legs of the chairs on the rug. A braided oval rug is the most common shape, but you can find rectangular rugs if you search the web.
  • Construction - the tighter the braid the longer lasting the rug. Hand braided may be a little looser weave, but you have more options for colors, size, and shapes for your braided rug
  • You can use braided rugs in a contemporary room by choosing vivid or bright colors. A custom made braided rug in black and white can add an element of cool surprise to a modern room decor.
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Tips from custom Braided Area Rug artists:

  • Use a vaccuum with a suction head only on a Braided Rug. A regular vaccuum with a beater bar will prematurely wear out the fabric.
  • If your braided area rug is washable, let it dry flat and do NOT place it in a dryer.
  • Wool, Cotton, or other natural fibers are usually not washable in a home washing machine. Seek a professional rug cleaner.
  • A rug gripper or pad is recommended for under most braided rugs. The fabric braiding tends to slide on a wood floor.

    Rectangle braided rug Remember there are many options for selecting, buying, and enjoying your area rug purchase. With a few minutes spent perusing the websites of Braided Rug dealers, you will quickly recognize the best prices and free shipping deals to give you the lowest overall price for your area rug purchase. A Braided Rug bargain is only a click away!


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