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In stock now! Click on picture for more details.

Craftsman #2 Hand-Knotted Rug
Only 1 in stock. Save $700!
Craftsman #2 Hand-knotted Rug 6'x9'

Craftsman #1 Hand-Knotted Rug
Save $1,500!
Craftsman #1 Hand-knotted Rug 9'x13'
Only one rug!
Mid-Century Modern Blast style Rug Design

Mid-Century Modern Blast Design Tufted Rug 6'x 9'
Usoni Tufted Rug Design
Save 25%
Usoni Tufted Rug 5'x7'

Niedecken #4 Tufted like Knotted Rug Design

Niedecken #4 Tufted Rug 6'x9'

Craftsman #1 Tufted Rug Design
Craftsman #1 Tufted Rug 9'x12'

Beach House 9'x12' Cotton Dhurry
Beach House 9'x12' Dark Blue Cotton Rug
Beach House 6'x9' Cotton Dhurry
Beach House 6'x9' Cotton Rug
Beach House 9'x12' Light Blue Cotton Dhurry
Beach House 9'x12' Light Blue Cotton Rug
Craftsman #1 Tufted Rug Design
Save 25%
Craftsman #1 Tufted Rug 6'x9'
Only ONE left!

Babson 5'x5' Prairie style Hand-Knotted Rug Design
Babson Hand-Knotted Rug 5' x 5'
Brinsmaid Rug Design
Brinsmaid 8' x 10' Rug
Tree of Life 6x9 Rug Design
Tree of Life Custom Rug 6'x9'

Bungalow 1912 Tufted Rug Design
Bungalow 1912 Tufted Rug 4' x 6'
Craftsman #2 Hand-Knotted Rug
Craftsman #2 Hand-knotted Rug 9'x13'

From time-to-time we create rugs for samples, for appointments, our trade show booth, media stories, resale through other furniture dealers, or even just to try some new designs. You can own one of these fine area rugs. All carpets are of the highest quality and workmanship.

Our latest rugs are shown above. Each rug has a picture and description of the size and materials. Email or call us for more details on any rug you have an interest in. For some rugs we can send you small swatches of the carpet used so you can see the colors in your home before delivery. We offer a 10-day money back guarantee on the rugs. If the colors don't go with your decor, just send it back (in the same condition it was delivered) and we will return your purchase price.



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