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You can choose your own color and size Custom Shag Area Rug!

Art Silk Shag rug

Aspen Carpet Designs offers eco-friendly, shag area rugs. We can even offer custom geometric designs and custom colors in our art silk shag rugs. Imagine creating a rug to compliment your favorite modern motif, and then having the only rug like it in the world! Not only that but the art silk fiber is bamboo. The ultimate in eco-friendly carpet, bamboo is a fast growing, renewable resource that can be spun into the soft, luxurious yarn fiber for shag rugs. "Art Silk" is short for "Artificial Silk". Art silk can be Rayon, Bamboo or other fiber. By using Bamboo, we are proud to offer our "environmentally friendly", green, sustainable rug and carpets.

Introducing our thick, luxurious "Art Silk Shag" line at $46.75/sq. ft. This shag line can include simple geometric designs and we can match your color swatch for a truly custom area rug. Let's not forget that our Art Silk fiber is made from sustainable bamboo. It's soft luxurious fibers make a great choice for green interior designs and furnishings. Imagine your Authentic Mid-Century design shag rug made to your size and colors! Art Silk shag rugs are currently limited to an 11 foot width dimension.

Rich, luxurious Art Silk shag rug in atrifical silk fiber Close up of Art Silk shag rug in atrifical silk fiber Close up of White Art Silk shag rug in atrifical silk fiber - bamboo rug Art Silk Standard Colors.  You can also custom match the color you need to your color sample.

Above is our rich, luxurious art silk shag that can be dyed to your color scheme. Each fiber measures approximately 1 1/4 inch length.

Above is a close up of our Art Silk Shag. This rug is a thick, dense, soft weave perfect for high traffic areas, bedrooms, living rooms.

Above is our Art Silk shag in contemporary white color. Picture this rug under your modern, contemporary leather or bold color furniture.

Click here to see our 40 standard colors available in the Art Silk Shag. You can also have a custom color made to match your decor.

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